Let me start off by saying that I used to wear falsies religiously UNTIL I found Lily!Just by looking at her work, you can already tell that she has an eye for detail… She’s also very passionate about her work, so she genuinely cares about her clients & the integrity of their lashes…”

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"Christy did an AMAZING job with my eyebrows. It added so much towards my confidence! They look so natural that people don’t even know that I got them done, she used her graceful hands and transformed my face…. When getting them done, it was so painless I think I fell asleep with how relaxed I was. Even right after my session people were already complimenting my brows!”

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"Love this place so much!! I was searching for a place that did Korean facials and going here is always an amazing experience for me! I'm a regular with Nhi and she knows my skin so well and my skin has improved so much, especially with my acne scars. They use very gentle Korean products and focus a lot on your skin concerns. I'd definitely recommend coming here for high quality facials and I recommend Nhi and Christine!!"

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